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Are you a divorced or separated father? Do you want to: 

Move past fear, pain, & guilt? Create the life you want with your child? Manage your relationship with your ex-partner? Contribute to other men? Be the creator of your future? Contribute to ground breaking research that will help other fathers?


Apart, Not Broken: Learn, Connect, & Create gives fathers a place to:

Learn: Hear fathers' real experiences and insights. Have access to information and recommendations that can make a measurable difference in adjusting and parenting after separation or divorce. 

Connect: Join an online community of fathers. Learn to use creative strategies to connect with your child and manage your relationship with your ex-partner.

Create: Feel powerful in your ability to be the dad YOU want to be. Create the relationship YOU want with your child by building on your existing strengths, starting new traditions, and creating lasting memories.

This program is equipped with:

  • Videos reflecting the real life experiences of other divorced fathers;
  • A discussion forum for you to connect and share with other fathers;
  • Online tools for sharing photos, calendars, communicating & more; 
  • Current and concise information about divorce & parenting after divorce;
  • Engaging activities for you to enjoy with your child; and
  • Additional resources for you to build your own parenting toolkit.

This innovative, multi-media program is:

  • Free: No Charge!
  • Confidential: Private, online support education program
  • Efficient: Brief, 12-week series of ~30 minute sessions
  • Flexible: Spend as much time as you want on the aspects that fit your needs
  • Convenient: Available 24/7, worldwide, anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Ongoing: Starts when you register!

This program was just evaluated through the University of Wisconsin, Madison and will undergo some changes based on what we learned.  For now, the program will remain available as is. Please keep an eye out for news about program updates.

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Thank you for your interest! We look forward to having you as a part of Apart, Not Broken: Learn, Connect, and Create!

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